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Burst B12 – Best Vitamin B12 Essential Oil and Aromatherapy Inhaler. 100% Vegan Fruit Flavored Natural Energy.

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Hello there, welcome to Burst Pharma (The Founders of the Burst B12™).

We’re your one-stop shop for accessing guidance, tips, and products for everything from vitamin deficiencies to sleeping and anxiety aids and all other issues normal people face.

Why we created Burst B12™

We and our friends are vegan bodybuilders and have fought through being Vitamin B12 deficient for a long time. The only solutions to our problem included ingesting supplement pills that would leave our bodies through our urine or expensive injections that we dreaded taking. We looked around to find an alternative and noticed that we could inhale Vitamin B12. We had leisurely vaped before, so thought this could definitely be an alternative. To our disappointment, all the Vitamin B12 inhalers that we tried, tasted horrible and contained too much Vitamin B12 (sadly, this gave us headaches and did not make us feel well), so we sought out to create our own. As a result of our bad experience, our mission became evident. We made it our responsibility to create a product that tasted, looked and felt great, and that actually worked. Our goal is to put that right at your fingertips.

It’s not hard to understand why people hate using B12 shots and ingesting pills. Shots hurt and pills dissolve into your urine, and for the average person – your basic deficiency can run you way over your budget. Not ideal.

At Burst Pharma, we help at a price that you won’t find insulting.

The point of it all – and the message that is most important to us – is helping you understand that having a healthier body & sharper mind is only a click away.

That is Burst Pharma.

Do not hesitate to reach out with any questions. We’re here for you.



  • GREAT TASTING AID TO HELP BOOST YOUR VITAMIN B12 LEVELS – If you’re Vitamin B12 deficient, chances are you take Vitamin B12 supplements or injections. Sublinguals dissolve in your urine, while shots are expensive! With Burst B12, you save money and get you Vitamin B12 levels back on track!
  • WHAT IS BURST B12? Specially blended & heated aromatherapy, in a portable, disposable device, made with Vitamin B12 deficient people in mind. Perfect for BodyBuilders. Fruit Flavored Energy.
  • GET ENERGIZED NATURALLY WITH A BURST OF VITAMIN B12 – Vitamin B12 is a natural energy booster! Take it before a workout of if you’re just feeling sluggish!
  • 100% VEGAN – There is absolutely ZERO calories, and all our products are 100% vegan friendly! Burst B12 is the perfect way for vegans to get the VITAMIN B12 they need all with a great flavor!
  • WORRY FREE GUARANTEE – We guarantee you’ll love Burst B12, and we have worked hard to make a product that is great tasting and safe to use!

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