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Herb Grinder with Catcher 2.5 Inch Large 4 Piece Metal Transform To Mini Grinder

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Herb grinding is tough task for any happy kitchen girl/girls out there. A kitchen girly usually needs dragon sized sabertooth aluminium crusher to bolt through the tough herb bud/buds. Such sharpstone stainless steel tree sized mega electric herb grinders produce skull cracking noise and kill the rainbows associated with rasta cute kitchens. Such stone herb grinders are fit for a delta force commando, unicorn, anime character or a non joker. However, you deserve a herb grinder (no electronic ) that is made from a tough and easy to maintain material like glass, platinum, titanium, plastic, chrome, or wood (though automatic wooden grinders are hard to find). It doesn’t have to be a mini (or tiny) herb grinder. It should not also come in fancy colors like pink, rose, blue, or purple (unless you prefer such colors). It should not take an inch of extra space of your storage chamber and be able to be neatly hidden in your space saver kitchen zip closet. It should have custom settings and dry out easily. It should able to grind herbs in ball, stick, stash, groove or grain form. Here is the American automatic herb grinder that carries all these features to make life easy for you. Here are some of the exciting product features: Heavy volume storage box: The loading tray/box is about 3 inches in width and 2.4 inches in height. This amazing new grinder is equipped with sixty diamond shaped high quality razorsharp teeth to deliver extremely fine grinding of the toughest herbs. It is an ideal herb grinder for a California or Va toker men looking to grind herbs for pot, pipe/pipes or pen. Just in the herbs, lock the catcher and enjoy a fine herb grind for your vaping kit or hand tobacco case. A warranty that lasts four times more than any other herb grinder. This amazing grinder will never betray you at any stage of the use. It carries a warranty card with thirty years warranty. This is the longest warranty offered by any grinder in the market today.

  • EXCELLENT GRINDING: Our best metal grinder with catcher features 60 Blazing Sharp diamond-shaped teeth
  • CAN BE TRANSFORMED INTO A SMALL GRINDER: Use your grinder as a 3-part pocket grinder. Our herb grinder with catcher fits easily in your large purse. This means you’ll get 2 herb accessories for the price of one
  • HUGE LOAD & EASY GRINDING: This herb grinder is 2.5 inch high and 2.4 wide what makes it a rather big grinder. The corrugation on the lid and the size of the lid will both help you to crank easily regardless of the volume you decide to load on this cool herbal grinder
  • 30 YEARS WARRANTY: You can be positive you are buying a zinc grinder of the highest quality at a great value. Our grinders is made with heavy duty zinc.
  • MODERN TECH & DESIGN: Dry herb grinder comes with easy access window. This spice grinder features a lid and a grinding chamber concave form for extremely effective grinding.

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